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  • Book Of Rad/Imprinting on Humanity & Technology

    By Rad on July 13, 2015
    Book of Rad I have a picture of Nelson Mandela in my living room. He’s smiling at me right now…actually he’s always smiling at me. I tend to like that and around my house..I have lil mirrors, refections that motivate me or stop me for a moment to check in…this life as we know can get us pretty tied up […]
  • RadTips for a Happy Mood By Dar Elcnu

    By Rad on June 27, 2015

    Radtips on creating an atmosphere that allows a great mood to relish, thrive and maintain

    Low Expectations High Tolerance = RadMood Central

    Now switch those around and what do you get

    High Expectations Low Tolerance = Bad Mood Central

    When I switch my expectation and really drop in to being in the moment and really having a great time….I’m soul happy but when I have an idea of an outcome and what I’m expecting…I lead myself in a place where I’m not truly in the moment…I’m now living in a place of EXPECTATION and this sucks….So, my RadTip for all of us today is to tap back into having a low expectation high tolerance diet of experiencing


    this RadTip was brought to you by Dar ElcnuIMQQ6MG