Party With A Purpose


Public schools across America are cutting off funding for art programs and art is losing its spot in the education curriculum. This is the last thing we should be doing to our society, our kids, and our future. The world needs more art. Exercising our own unique creativity is the lightning rod that inspires, engages and educates us all.

WE are seeking Rad Individuals, Amazing Organizations, Passionate Groups & SuperRad companies to get behind our Every Hat Has a Story program and host a “Party with a PURPOSE.” Whether it’s with your awesome group of friends, or as a team building exercise at your workplace, hosting a “Party with a PURPOSE” is a great way to enjoy yourself and also collaborate as a team to help “Save The Arts” through RadUncle’s Buy1GiveONE platform. More than ever we need to stick together and help our kids in our society by giving them access to creative outlets — because creativity creates independence. As we always say, “Let Creativity be your Guide”.

PartyWithAPurpose – HOW It Works? When you HOST a “Party with a PURPOSE”, every hat that’s created at your party “WE” together through our “Buy1GiveOne”platform give back a Every Hat Has a Story program to either a Non Profit, a Public School, or a Family Shelter where we have the “SaveTheArts” program established. The same rules apply when you buy a hat from our website at If you have an existing relationship with a non-profit, a public school or a shelter we would love to bring the program to you…please let us know and help us share and spread RadUncle’s SaveTheArts Mission.


• Pick the location where you can host a “Party With A Purpose” Your Home? Your Office? A Park? Your College? Your High School? A Restaurant?

• Provide the head count. Minimum 20 hats for a party with no maximum. We are looking forward to creating 50,000. Walking Billboards of RadNess in one day…Now that’s a Rad goal!

• Choose the logo for the hats from our Rad library or we can make your logo for an additional cost. * If you’d like your own logo on your hat please contact us to make this happen. Call the Rad President at (310) 266-8529 or email me

• Some rad people create multiple hats per party!!! More hats = more giving through our “Buy1GiveOne” platform! (The Every Hat Has A Story program includes a hat, pens & a hosted event)

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT and think of who in your circle of friends, family and business colleagues are abSOULutely passionate about kids and keeping ART alive, active and a part of the lives of our public school kids across America…
Let’s “SaveTheArts” together

Please share our story on social media with your friends, family and colleagues and follow us on Instagram & Facebook @ RadUncle
Any questions or press please contact President Rad (Tony Milano) at or at (310) 266-8529

Thank You Soul Much-Stay Rad My Friends

President Rad

Tony Milano