Yoga Is My Co Pilot


Yoga Is My Co Pilot


“A Key Needs A Door and A Door Needs To Be Opened”

RadUncle and the adventures of meditation :))) Chaka

Yoga is my co-pilot

Root and Expand

Is just that – a portal for you to Follow Your Radness and experience the magic carpet ride of your journey

That ride that you take is your ride and meditation 1st and foremost is a constant daily experience that all of us can do consciously and intentionally To sit and be comfortable in our own conscious skin and just Breath and Breath and Breath some more and then you begin to drop- drop layers of your baggage and there you begin to shed- all kinds of everything

Emotional, Subconscious, Unconscious, – you name it those layers come up- bubble up- and begin to peep like a onion and then for me small tears come from my eyes it’s like my soul is sweating through subconscious tears- I shed from crying when I relax deeply in my meditation I happened at this junction in my personal experience will change

I’m sure especially after writing this my subconscious connects with my physical body and there’s a perfect place of balance and peace that is very special and? And very different then sex, our playing sports at a high level its simple it’s quiet, it’s powerful and very personal. So the core of this shirt is based in meditation and the true teachings of Yoga are built/based around this core tree root element and the rest is gravy and alignment! And how amazing that Yoga can transform your life-for me a few days a week and I’m an energized being- my body doesn’t ache and I don’t need to sleep as much and I’m super active – my body is percolating there’s oxygen pockets that are like a carbonated water-that are subtle mini fireworks bubble ling



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